What Is a Value Proposition?

What makes your product or service uniquely better than all others in the market? What is the precise problem your product or service solves? Who is your ideal customer? What are the specific benefits your customers will experience should they choose to do business with you? Why should customers do business with you, rather than […]

Digital Marketing Data Analytics – Why Do You Need It?

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” – John Wanamaker (1838-1922 – merchant, political figure, and marketing pioneer.) There’s a good reason why data is routinely described as the new gold rush for businesses. Before the Internet exploded across the globe, companies found it difficult […]

What Is Martech?

At a fundamental level, you won’t suffer from a headache trying to understand martech, or “marketing technology.” Much like “brunch” (breakfast + lunch), “motel” (motor + hotel) and “malware” (malicious + software), the term “martech” combines the words “marketing” and “technology.”  Martech refers to any software and technology tools marketers use to plan, execute, track, measure […]

What Is Digital Marketing?

Marketing is the process by which organizations direct their messages at the right people at the right time. Where do most people (including the right ones) spend most of their time today? You guessed it. On the Internet – they are connecting with friends and colleagues on social media, following current affairs on news sites and […]

Fish Where the Fish Are

While waiting in line for a taxi at the airport in Las Vegas on my way to the ServiceNow Knowledge 18 event, I immediately saw the first indication of some interesting marketing tactics from a different ITSM vendor, FreshService. It had purchased signage ads at the airport with some subtle and somewhat humorous messages, targeting the 18,000 […]

Creating the Top Digital Marketing Agency in Canada

When we started GoTo Marketers, our goal was to deliver digital marketing services in a Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) model to our clients. The idea was simple: the model would help companies control costs, receive more value for their budget and enable them to source highly qualified marketers to help where needed to drive their marketing activities. […]

How to standout at a trade show

I have been very lucky to travel extensively to conferences and exhibitions on both sides of the pond. For those who don’t know that expression, it means both UK/Europe and over here in North America with the pond being the Atlantic Ocean. This past week I was in London, England at the annual Service and […]

Digital Content Creation Just Got Easier to Source

GoTo Marketers announced today that they have entered into formal partnerships with some of the IT service management industry’s most prolific authors and thought leaders. Partnerships have been formed with the following individuals and businesses – Kenneth Gonzalez, Carlos Casanova and SHIFT Media Inc. GoTo Marketers will actively pursue new IT and ITSM focused software […]

Social Media to the rescue

Social media has many purposes. Companies use it to sell, help with their brand and build communities with similar interests. I use Social media for all of the above and I also like to throw in a little social good. I first got the “do some social good” bug while building out the TangoTab brand here in […]

Customer service as differentiator

There are so many products and companies these days that forget and/or choose not to provide multi-channel support for their products to their paying customers. Hootsuite is just one of them. Let me qualify this a bit more. I have been in the Customer service space for over 15 years and pride myself in the […]

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