fish where the fish are
Fish Where the Fish Are

While waiting in line for a taxi at the airport in Las Vegas on my way to the ServiceNow Knowledge 18 event, I immediately saw the first indication of some interesting marketing tactics from a different ITSM vendor, FreshService. It had purchased signage ads at the airport with some subtle and somewhat humorous messages, targeting the 18,000 conference attendees coming through the airport.

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Creating the Top Digital Marketing Agency in Canada

When we started GoTo Marketers, our goal was to deliver digital marketing services in a Marketing-as-a-Service (MaaS) model to our clients. The idea was simple: the model would help companies control costs, receive more value for their budget and enable them to source highly qualified marketers to help where needed to drive their marketing activities. Apparently, we achieved our goal and our clients have spoken.

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Rapid Growth and Expansion Continues at GoTo Marketers

GoTo Marketers today announced the addition of Melanie Adamich to its growing roster of talented digital marketers in the role of senior partner, digital marketing effective May 5,2014. Adamich brings over fifteen years of marketing experience and has extensive knowledge of all the marketing elements, strategies, and tactics to help organizations achieve their growth plans in today’s digitally focused world. Prior to joining GoTo Marketers, Melanie was the marketing director for HDI, the client services director for a Colorado interactive agency, and marketing director for Recruiting Solutions. Melanie holds a BA in English from Metropolitan State College of Denver.

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How to standout at a trade show

I have been very lucky to travel extensively to conferences and exhibitions on both sides of the pond. For those who don’t know that expression, it means both UK/Europe and over here in North America with the pond being the Atlantic Ocean. This past week I was in London, England at the annual Service and IT Show (SITS) Conference and Exhibition. I have attended 9 of these in the past 15 years. You may ask “why I would go to so many?” The answer is easy. From a vendor’s perspective, it is all about them. It’s an exhibition of products and services from vendors from all over Europe demonstrating their wares. From an attendee’s perspective, it’s free to attend and is content rich with some of the most high profile speakers from the ITSM (IT Service Management) Industry presenting.  The company that put the conference on is Diversified Communications and a special shout out should go to Laura Venables who did a wonderful job organizing the show. For me, it is a must attend event for anyone in the Helpdesk or IT Service Management space.

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Social Media to the rescue

Social media has many purposes. Companies use it to sell, help with their brand and build communities with similar interests. I use Social media for all of the above and I also like to throw in a little social good. 

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Customer service as differentiator

There are so many products and companies these days that forget and/or choose not to provide multi-channel support for their products to their paying customers. Hootsuite is just one of them. Let me qualify this a bit more. I have been in the Customer service space for over 15 years and pride myself in the fact it is one of my passions and our company's goals to differentiate ourselves through better service and deliver more value to our customers.

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