Digital Content Creation Just Got Easier to Source

GoTo Marketers announced today that they have entered into formal partnerships with some of the IT service management industry’s most prolific authors and thought leaders. Partnerships have been formed with the following individuals and businesses – Kenneth Gonzalez, Carlos Casanova and SHIFT Media Inc.

GoTo Marketers will actively pursue new IT and ITSM focused software vendors and professional services companies, requiring writers for blogs, case studies and other industry related, thought-provoking content that they can use to enhance their digital marketing.

Services will include guest blogging, authoring of white papers and technical material, ghost writing and meeting any other content provision needs that may arise, particularly in the digital arena. You can request information here

William Goddard, Founder and Managing Partner GTM, said, “Over the past few years we have noticed that even some of the largest software companies are struggling with their content creation. Since Google has put a stronger emphasis on new and relevant content as part of their new algorithm, the demand and requirement for such an offering has gone through the roof. We felt, as a business, that it was time to formalize our relationships in order to assure our clients that we can keep up with their ever-growing demand for fresh digital content. Now these companies will have a single point of contact for their content needs, saving them time sourcing and managing the writers that assist them.”
Maketing-as-a-Service is not just another retainer based model for project work. It is a model built to deliver real value for your marketing investments.
GoTo Marketers plans on growing this side of their business through other subject matter expert partnerships in the near future in order to serve other markets and clients. Presently GoTo Marketers serves the ITSM, business process management, sales enablement and the consumer-facing application marketplaces. Look out for a Startup offering in this area to be announced later this year. Kirstie Magowan, Co-Founder and Manager of SHIFT Media Inc, said, “We are very excited to be a part of this partnership, and we look forward to bringing some really thought-provoking and innovative content to a new range of customers and consumers through this initiative.”

About GoTo Marketers

Founded in 2012, GoTo Marketers is a digital marketing and business development agency with a focus on technology and software. Strong believers in sales and marketing alignment, we bring all the elements to the table your company needs and ensure you get the most out of the growth investments you make.

About Kenneth Gonzalez

Kenneth Gonzalez is an internationally recognized industry expert and leader in technology management, outside-in thinking, Lean and IT service management. He helps business, practitioners and customers alike better understand and apply these principles to deliver value and tangible results.

About Carlos Casanova

Carlos Casanova is the Founder / President of K2 Solutions Group, Inc., and coauthor of “The CMDB Imperative: How to Realize the Dream and Avoid the Nightmares” (2009). He specializes in transforming raw data into actionable information through the use of configuration management systems by guiding practitioners in organizations and their senior executives through the challenges of strategizing, designing, and executing real-world configuration and service management initiatives.

About ShiftMedia Inc

SHIFT Media was established in 2012 to provide a platform for content providers in the IT marketplace to have a route to market. SHIFT has relationships with a stable of writers, presenters and digital content providers covering a broad range of subject matter in the IT and service management spaces. Providing editing and publishing services, SHIFT works with its writers to ensure a high quality product for content customers.

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