"A Blueprint for RevOps Excellence”

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Even well funded enterprise software companies have their limits and such was the case when a leading AI powered conversational platform provider faced a pivotal challenge. Their internal revops resources were stretched thin, lacking the bandwidth and some expertise needed for a comprehensive overhaul of their RevOps system, which involved integrations across SalesForce, HubSpot and Outreach platforms.

Recommended by a former employee familiar with the client’s urgent needs and tight timeline, GTM was recommended and chosen to bridge this crucial gap. Known for their agility and effective solutions, GTM was tasked with steering this essential project to success.

The Challenge:

The client’s RevOps system required a significant revamp to keep pace with their growth and the evolving demands of their business. The complexity of integrating multiple platforms demanded a nuanced understanding and a strategic approach.

The Project Plan:

GTM devised a comprehensive project plan, meticulously designed to address each aspect of the challenge:

Data Cleanup & Initial Setup: The project kicked off with foundational work, including the identification and creation of new fields to enhance data categorization and control, and the setup of deduplication systems to ensure data hygiene and integrity.
Sandbox Builds & Testing: The team focused on building and testing in a sandbox environment. This phase involved crafting and testing validation rules, contact flows, and opportunity flows, ensuring the reliability and efficiency of the implemented systems.
Workflows & Logic Implementation: GTM moved into implementing complex workflows and logic to streamline status setting and criteria triggering for lead categorization, enhancing the client’s lead management process.
Debugging, Testing
& Finalizing: Dedicated to thorough testing and debugging, this phase ensured all flows and fields were working as expected. The team finalized lead scoring and workflows, ensuring a robust framework for future operations.
Final Review, Documentation & Project Closure: The project culminated in a detailed review and documentation phase, formalizing the build and ensuring a comprehensive handover to the client’s team.
The results

Delivered on time and 90% of the high estimate provided for the project. The seamless execution and exceptional communication and collaboration throughout the project were pivotal in achieving the desired outcomes and was a testament to GTM’s expertise and commitment to excellence.

The revamped RevOps system now is poised to support the client’s continued growth and success in the B2B SaaS market.

This case study serves as a blueprint for RevOps excellence, showcasing how strategic partnerships and expert execution can transform challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation.

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