An MSP's Calculated Rise to Online Distinction

Strategy, Tactics and Execution

Client Background:

A well established Managed Services Provider (MSP) from the Greater Toronto area, with 25 years of experience and a customer base built solely on referrals, sought to enhance their digital footprint. They aimed to sustain and boost growth while controlling costs, but past experiences from generic marketing agencies had left them cautious. With a solid base of over 200 customers, they felt it was the right time to step on the gas.


With a website failing to generate traffic and leads, and internal resources thinly spread, they needed a marketing partner that understood their business, clientele, and the unique challenges they faced. The website was outdated, the content was underperforming in attracting the desired traffic and leads, missed the target when it came to messaging and there was a significant gap in traffic between them and their main competitors. They needed a partner who could navigate the highly competitive MSP landscape with tailored, strategic marketing solutions.
The GTM Solution:
Goto Marketers (GTM) was chosen for their proficiency in B2B technology services and their one-stop-shop model that mirrored the MSP’s operational style. GTM’s engagement offered the breadth of an entire marketing department at a fixed monthly cost, a strategic financial choice for the client. The meticulous plan, spread over 12 to 18 months with an accelerated delivery approach, included:
Website and Content Overhaul:
  • A complete rewrite and redesign of the website to highlight the MSP’s services.
  • Rebuilding the web presence to ensure seamless user experience and management.
  • Redesigning existing collateral to align with the new brand guidelines.
Rebranding and SEO-Driven Content Strategy:
  • Refreshing the brand guidelines to resonate with current design trends.
  • Crafting an SEO-focused content calendar, with 60,000 words across 6 themes and 50 articles.
  • Optimizing 80+ website pages to boost search rankings.
Marketing Collateral and Success Stories:
  • Developing client success stories as powerful sales tools.
  • Initiated a Market Development Funds (MDF) conversation with vendors.
  • Establishing a robust reporting infrastructure for tracking marketing outcomes.
Comprehensive Online Presence Management:
  • Implementing strategic social media management across Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Providing ongoing advisory services to keep the client informed and ahead of market trends.
Client Results
The client’s new WordPress website is a modern, mobile-optimized, and user-friendly platform. Post-migration results included improved site speed performance, improved SEO rankings, and increased user engagement. The meticulous planning and execution by the GoTo Marketers team meant that business continuity was top of mind and maintained throughout the transition, with no interruption to the client’s sales and marketing operations.
This critical website’s successful redesign and migration underscored the importance of having a trusted digital partner. GoTo Marketers’ expertise in managing complex digital transformations demonstrated their ability to navigate high-stakes projects, ensuring their clients survive and thrive in the digital landscape. This project highlighted their commitment to strategic foresight, technical proficiency, and client-centric solutions in the face of significant business and technical challenges.
Client Results

The transformation was remarkable. From a meager 2,000 organic visitors with 4 conversions in 2021, the MSP’s website leaped to over 25,000 new organic visitors by 2023, generating 55 unique leads from organic traffic alone.

Digital marketing is like the “Art of War”.

"Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

The client appreciated and welcomed the approach, thrilled with the robust marketing engine GTM established. This framework, built on careful planning and the seamless integration of strategy and tactics by seasoned experts, is achieving solid results.
Organic Traffic Growth
Organic Conversion Growth
The Takeaway for MSPs:
For small and medium-sized MSPs wrestling with fierce market competition, this success story is a testament to the power of a specialized marketing partnership. The GTM approach embodies the combination of strategic depth with tactical execution, forging a path to market victory in a crowded digital field. It illustrates that with the right ally, MSPs can turn the tide, transforming their online presence from an afterthought to a formidable lead generation machine. This isn’t just marketing; it’s market authority with a real plan.
If you’re an MSP looking for growth, controlled costs, understand that marketing is a journey and there are no silver bullets – Lets connect to see where we may be able to add fuel to your growth engine!

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