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Sales Lead or Contact, Can we put this argument to bed?

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This post is almost, (well pretty much is) a follow up to my last post This tradeshow is a branding exercise...Really? When it comes to sales language it frustrates me to hear marketing people talk about leads.

Let's define "Sales Lead" and "Contact"

This is what I feel are the definitions of a sales lead and a contact. A sales lead is someone who has expressly communicated their need to solve a problem that your product or service can solve. A contact is a name from the marketplace that may have a need for your product and service.

'Who cares?' you say.

Your sales team does. Your marketing team comes back from a tradeshow and yells at that top of their lungs, “we got 500 leads at the show” or “We just bought a list of 4000 leads.” And the sales team cringes at the thought of calling 499 people that have absolutely no interest in what they offer. Did you just hear the divide between sales and marketing get bigger?

Your best bet

What every organization should be striving for is a better quality sales leads. Leads generated through focused messaging and targeted campaigns, not lists of contacts that are dropped into a drip campaign.

I am in no way suggesting you forget about building a database of contacts that can be nurtured through tools like HubSpot or InFusionSoft. What I am saying is, focussing you message on the pain your product or service solves is the better approach to generating revenue in the shortest possible time.


If a contact has accepted or expressed a need to solve a problem, the sales cycle is shorter and you have a better opportunity to win the deal.

Isn’t that the goal?

What are your thoughts on Lead Quality vs Contact Volume metrics?



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